Tuesday, April 22, 2014

In the Absence of My Other Half: Part 4 (Missy)

It rained.

We read a LOT of Inkheart.

I tried not to be depressed when I heard about Michael seeing so many of our Maryland friends; I miss them so much!

As a pick-me-up, I tried to make a campfire, but it was far too wet.

I started crying, because I'm the girl who can make a campfire in any weather under any circumstances with just one match. 

Two hours and an entire book of matches later, still no luck.

I didn't earn my Girl Scout Gold Award in Washington State near the rainforest, alas.

I gave up and tried to get over it.

We spent the night playing "War".  You know the game.  You love the game.  All.  three.  hours of it.

And then there was ONE.

One day remaining.

I wrote it on the board but I guess I forgot to take a picture.

Michael made his way to the airport and slept there for the night (sort of).

I texted him encouragement.

On the day before he returned, we made a party.

Both kids made cards.

Maeryn and I went to the store and got some balloons.

And Maeryn made a cake.

She chose blue frosting because it's Daddy's favorite color.

The design on the cake is a dolphin. 

It was hard to go to bed the night before he came back.

Maeryn crept into my bed around midnight.

"I need to sleep, Mom.  Tomorrow is going to be a big day."

In the morning, Jonah erased the number "1" and wrote a big "0" on the white board.

I washed a last load of dishes and cleaned off the table and swept the floor.

Then we dragged Maeryn out of bed.  I packed blankets and snacks and computers and movies.  We found the Laurie Berkner Band CD.  We stopped at Burger King for breakfast and filled the gas tank at Shell.  I took a deep breath, and drove onto the giant freeway.

At the airport, the GPS had no clue what was going on.  Most roads were under construction, and the signs weren't clear.  I followed the hotel shuttles toward the runway.  I figured if I couldn't find parking, at least I could text Michael and tell him I was parked in the shuttle circle. 

Lucky for me the shuttles led me straight to the parking garage.

I found the floor for and aisle for Southwest Airlines after about fifteen minutes of aimless driving and we still had time to spare before Michael's plane was to land.  I rechecked the email he sent me about the gate.  B10.

We parked in the seats in front of the luggage return until Michael texted me that he'd arrived.  We moved to the escalator moving people from their terminal into the airport.

It took what seemed like forever before he appeared.

When he did, Jonah and Maeryn ran for it and attacked him with hugs and kisses.

It was...  wonderful.

Michael at the airport, showing the kids video he took of take off and landing.

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