Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jelly Belly Factory Tour

Factory tours are awesome. 

The Jelly Belly Factory would be our third factory tour as a family (we'd also done Herr's Potato Chips and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream). 

We managed to book the final tour of the day (4PM).  It was just us and one other family.  We were informed that we were the smallest tour - tours normally have about sixty people each.  So we felt lucky.  We also got extra free samples. 

In addition to seeing how the factory works and just how Jelly Bellies are made, we also had the chance to view a multitude of Jelly Belly mosaics.  Before this tour, I had no idea that this was "a thing", but apparently, it totally is.

Maeryn posed in front of this one, which was the most simple of the mosaics.  

Others were more complex.

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