Thursday, May 1, 2014

Four Corners

 On our final day in the Moab, UT area we made the trek to Four Corners.

It's a truly unique place where you can stand in four U.S. states at the same time (Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah).  This was another of Michael's bucket list places.  Again totally worth the trip.

The site is run by the Navajo Nation which was really fantastic in and of itself.  We were able to see tons of Navajo arts and crafts all around the Four Corners area.  Jonah was especially impressed with the hand crafted bows and arrows and knives made from buffalo rib bone.

 Once we had our fill of arts, crafts, and snapping pictures of ourselves standing on the actual four corners, we stopped at one of the vendors areas and sampled a taste of Navajo fry bread.

 It was delicious!

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