Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Heather and Stacy were my roommates in college back when I was a senior and living in a apartment with four other women.  I don't recommend this.  It was hard to maintain friendships in close quarters with lots of different preferences and needs...  That beings said, I love all four of those ladies and wouldn't trade my friendships with them for the world.

I don't get to see Stacy and Heather very often since they have always lived what seemed so intangibly far away.  I'll likely be visiting them more now that my perspective on distance has changed hugely. 

We met them at a neato burger joint that specializes in homemade rootbeer and chatted it up for a couple of hours. 

What's wonderful about friends like these is the "never miss a beat" sort of way that we fell back together.  We haven't kept in the best of touch - just facebook posts and the occasional Christmas card, but it was as though we'd never really been apart.  It was so easy to know how to just be.

After dinner we went back to Heather's adorable and cozy house for some more conversation and so the kids could chill out and watch some Pokemon.

After hugs all around it was back to our campground to prepare for travel again.

Our trip was now a fast paced race to the finish.

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