Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Visiting with Grandparents

Maeryn celebrated her sixth birthday three times this year.

The first time was at my parents' house.  We decided to haul to northwestern Pennsylvania in time for Easter Celebrations.  This was likely insane.

We arrived from Indianapolis at around 1 AM on Good Friday.

My parents were sleeping, as they should be.  The dog greeted us.  She's a little blind now in her old age, but she knew who we were and was excited as ever to see us there.

We enjoyed all parts of our visit with my parents, including theological debates surrounding the Noah movie and the famous egg roll at my Uncle Duane's house.  Maeryn won this.  She also found the $1 egg during the egg hunt.  I have never found the $1.  I have been to Easter with this side of my family approximately twenty-five years.  Maeryn found it on her first Uncle Duane Easter Experience. 

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