Thursday, May 8, 2014

Visiting Grandparents Part 2

For some reason the photos of Maeryn's birthday party at the Bell grandparents didn't come out quite as well as the others, but we did snap a few decent pictures to capture parts of our visit.

Maeryn and Jonah went to the Dollar Store and splurged on party stuff for Maeryn's birthday and got a few small things for themselves.  They each also went on individual dates with Grandma to Chuck E. Cheese and Michael and I went on a date to Lowes (in our defense, the mall was closed...).

I got some new pants (much needed - I was down to one pair, so laundry day was a bit embarrassing) and a jacket that was on clearance when we finally did go to the mall the next day (Maeryn came too and helped me choose things that looked best). 

We also received a mail drop from friends in Maryland that included these awesome clips.  They were for Maeryn, but she decided they looked best on me.

As we prepared to leave and do our final long haul, we all felt a little tired.  A little anxious.  A little scared.

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