What We're About.

Following Jesus

Following Jesus doesn't just mean going to church on Sunday.  We believe in following Him boldly, even when it's scary.  Even when others might say it's stupid or call us fools.  We often fall short.  We pray a lot.  We search the scriptures.  We seek wisdom.  We believe that there are lessons in life, and there are tests.  We believe that God is a God of second chances.  That Jesus = God and God = LOVE.  We aren't into handing out pamphlets or calling people out.  We are into potlucks, giving stuff away, and practicing resurrection.  We believe there is so much more to learn about God.  And about life and it's meaning.  And that those two things are pretty tied up in one another. Following Christ has led us into more mindful practices regarding the things we put into our bodies and the things that we put out into the world.  It has also led us to treating our children in a different way than many in the "mainstream" might.


We are a family of Radical Unschoolers.  We learn in the world, rather than in the classroom.  We have no set curriculum to follow.  We believe that our children are trustworthy and that they are already whole people - not partial people who have yet to develop.  We believe that our children have rights equal to everyone else in the world and we treat them as such.  We believe in freedom and respect for everyone in our family in all things.  We agree to aid one another in following our passions, and we feel that all passions are worthwhile and important.  You do not have to be a Christian in order to be an unschooler.  In fact, most of our unschooling friends are not Christian.  But you CAN be an unschooler who is a Christian, and that's sometimes a lesser known fact.


Our new house, where we hope to establish a safe haven for family, friends, and weary travelers from all walks of life, and give other creatives a place to learn and grow in community.

Radical Community

Living on the road, struggling financially, having two spirited children, battling hardship...  these things have taught us the importance of community.  Not just for help when you need it, but so that you can help others in need.  Community isn't about one small location or a tiny dot on a giant map - it is about a radical building of Kingdom throughout the world.  We have the opportunity to affect change locally and globally.  We can afford to offer radical hospitality to friends and strangers.  Community is sharing and giving and taking and helping and holding and sending postcards and finding couches on which to crash.  We hope that we can use our resources, time, and talent to help in building The Kingdom right here on Planet Earth.
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