Who We Are

We are a family of four passionate unschoolers with hearts for Jesus who live on the road full time in a converted school bus.

When I started this blog, I wrote a post called Adventure Family, where I introduced the cast of characters I've been writing about.  It's changed since then - both kids are older, both Michael and I are still always growing and learning - SO - this post is a re-introduction for those of you who just started reading and those of you who are interested in how we've changed since then.

Michael:  Still our Adventure Guide extraordinaire.  He's conquering fears, reaching new heights, and helping both children and me to do the same.  He puts up with my obsessions and quirks, and even thinks some of them are kinda cute.  He's an eating machine, a pancake maker, song writer, Mobile driver, bus converter, web-designer, National Parks lover, super sexy kinda dude with a passion for life and fitness.  

Current Projects:

-  Home improvement
-  Creating software
The Mountain Handyman

Jonah:  Now 12 years old, our little scientist never ceases to amaze his parents.  Unschooler - choosing ballet, gaming, snorkeling, travel, Dungeons and Dragons, song-writing, swim team, adventures... Loves people, manta rays, baked beans, pepperonis, Skype, scavenger hunts, dragons... - got best times in all his swimming events, performed in the Nutcracker two years in a row, holds some excellent conversation over coffee..  he's our first-born, first love, egregious twelve year old superstar!

Current Projects:

-  Reading The Adventures of Tin Tin
-  Carving weapons from wood
-  Holding monthly D and D parties

Maeryn:  8 and lovely and spunky and amazing!  Still a mover and a shaker, a leaper, a warrior - shy with new folks, chatty when she warms up.  Scientist.  Pixie.  Graphics design and brilliant colors - our little star, our little flower - beauty with long lashes.  Loves dressing up as a ballerina today, super spy tomorrow.  Will jump, will dive, will fight, will run higher, faster, stronger.  Drawing, designing, singing, writing book.  Swimming and caring for animals. Sucking her thumb, toting her lovey.  Big brown eyes - knows what she wants.  Knows how to get it.  Loves grown-ups.  Reading.  Swinging from a trapeze.  Berry picking, dragons, goldfish, dogs...  She's the baby of the family - and now we understand what that means.

Current Projects:

-  Minecraft construction projects
-  Animal rescuing
-  Writing stories

Me:  I'm thirty-six. Photographer - honing my talents, dancer, actor, director, teacher, MOMMY.  Obsessed with learning, acting, nature, cooking, poetry writing, teaching.  Driven toward authentic community.  Jesus seeker.  Learning to love life and live in the moment.  Writer.  Still the girl in the trench coat running off the the woods to read poetry - but with a mended spirit and open heart.  I'm slowing down to breathe.  I'm taking it all in.  I'm realizing how short life is, and how little money matters - and how much it does at once.  Trying to get over  more than I want to admit.  Daring to try, to step out of my comfort zone - to change my perspective.  Yearning to be free.  Trying to eat healthy - today ate popcorn with M&Ms for lunch and McDonalds French fries for breakfast.  Yeah - still far from perfect.  Fiddle player, dream seeker, sea splasher - no one's doll, no one's toy, no one's but my own.  SO IN LOVE with my family.  Striving to suck all the marrow out of this life.

Current Projects:

-  Editing a novel
-  Living with Bipolar disorder
-  Diving head-long film acting

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