Monday, August 10, 2009

Dog Days.

I hate it when it's too hot to go outside. Ugh. Cabin fever all around.

Right now, the kids are playing in the kitchen sink. It is going to be a BEAR to clean up the water - all over the floor, the counters, EVERYWHERE. The kids are in their underwear. That's just life. It's 97 degrees outside and not even 1030 yet. No way we're heading to the beach or the playground. Maybe the library later, but just to drop off some books. Maeryn doesn't do so well at the library without direct supervision.

I sent out an email to some other moms hoping to get some bites for playdates. I offered to have them drop off their kids and go do whatever they wanted to do for a few hours. That's a pretty sweet deal. I would probably take someone up on it.

I'm frustrated with money as well. Sigh. I really want to not complain. I want to be thankful for what we have because it is quite a lot, but our mortgage payment is simply too much for our income right now, and it's showing. Jonah can't play soccer this fall because we don't have the sixty bucks to dole out for registration. I want them both in swimming lessons but not only am I having trouble figuring out how to get BOTH of them to lessons, I'm also having trouble figuring out how we'd pay for it. Two kids = ninety bucks.

I really wish we could just offer things like that for free. Swimming is a lifeskill, right? It is not a disservice to NOT offer it in the community for free to everyone? If you look at it just right, knowing how to swim is more important than mathematics, but it's not offered as a class in most public schools - maintaining the pool is too expensive.

There is a ton messed up in the world. I'll be the first to admit it. The things we have to spend money on are ludicrous. I want my children to have these things, but I can't give them to them. I want my children to be able to succeed in whatever they wish to pursue, but I can't afford to allow it. I hate that our financial situation is making me compromise my parenting ideals. I need to get more homeschool materials. It's becoming, however, a choice between materials or dinner, and that choice then is pretty obvious. It's so time to move. Too bad the housing market is a hole right now. Homes in our neighborhood are simply not selling. I'm not sure homes in any neighborhood are selling.

Michael and I are serious about starting a Christian Community in our area sort of focusing on creativity. This is how I tie my MACA stuff together with my mom and Jesus stuff. I want it all to be together like that. I think my kids would benefit from a situation like this tremendously. Now we just need to find others of like minds with like goals and figure out the logistics.

Either that or our land + house needs to sell so we can jump in an RV and get the heck out of dodge.

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