Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's one of those days I hate.  It's 93 degrees outside.

That is simply too hot for functionality on a human level.

Today I went to the drill hall and ran three miles on the treadmill and still felt like crap when I went outside because it was so darn hot.  I have the kids downstairs watching movies and eating marshmallows with raisins and drinking water instead of playing outside because it's too darn hot.

I am grouchy about it.  I admit this.

I am also grouchy about the oil spill in the Gulf - but this is not a political blog - nor do I think I wish it to be - so I'll just leave my thoughts at:  Dear BP, Clean up your mess.  Check out your personal copy of All I Ever Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten and get to it.  Fix the problem.  Quit worrying about your bottom line and the money that you're ultimately losing by the second anyway, and get 'er done.  Okay?  Oh, and Dear Obama - you can take responsibility all you want, but the ownership is still on the company that owns the well.  Period.  When you do something you should do it right, if you must do it.  Period.  OH, and another thing... Dear Obama - please stop giving lip service to changing the way this nation views power and actually do something about it.  We're spending trillions anyway, let's get some new bike lanes up in here!

Okay - I will stop now.

But it has got me thinking about how to be more environmentally friendly and less oil dependent as a family.  Our car is the first easy answer.

I need to stop being frightened of public transit and just try it out one of these days.  I also need to stop being frightened of riding my bike places and using the bike lanes.  This is hard to do around here, however, for obvious reasons.

Regardless and aside from all that - I'm putting things into better perspective, and somehow it's also got me focusing a little more on my own mortality.  Not in some morbid way, just thinking about it and realizing that everything is so much bigger than my little life here on this little planet.

So I guess I should stop complaining about the temperature outside and be happy I'm alive, and not covered with oozing "black gold".

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