Saturday, June 26, 2010

Denver Countdown: 0

I am writing now from Topeka, Kansas.

This is the farthest west I have ever been.  It was the farthest west once we got past Indianapolis, in fact.

Today we were in the car for 14 hours.

Longest car trip of my life too.

This morning we woke up in Columbus, Ohio, loaded the van, grabbed some granola with Great Grandma B, said our goodbyes, and got on the road - albeit a little later than planned - but we still got on the road.

It was a tough day.

The kids were amazing.

We've got one of those vans with the DVD player and yeah - it's been a godsend.  I thought I would hate it and it would make me angry that the kids were watching so much TV/movies - but it was a good thing - they were happy and I was happy and Jonah got caught up on Star Wars IV, V, and VI and we watched Space Buddies three times + Pixar's Cars and I think a Dora the Explorer movie.  Pretty intense TV watching.  Jonah is done with movies - he eventually tuned out and started reading and playing with other stuff.  That was a cool thing to see.  Maeryn had the headphones on and off all day, now watching the DVD, now playing with a book or her lovey or her toes.

We got to stop once at Burger King and while we got food the kids played on the playplace and we all got full bellies (for the most part - not a big fan of fast food but while you're traveling these things do happen).  We switched seats and drivers several times.  We didn't stop as much as I would have liked.  I was disappointed that we didn't get to see the arch in St. Louis and that we didn't stop at one of the thirty or so RV places we saw along the way and that all our stops were kind of rushed to get back on the road, but I understand. This is a trip about Denver - not the things on the way, and I need to get over my compulsion to see everything.  I will get to do it someday.

(I forgot to mention that we DID stop at a pretty neat gift shop place with Native American stuff on a bathroom break...)

The day was hard because it was long, mostly.  I was in a lot of pain most of the day in my neck and back and I was never really sure what was coming next.  I like for everyone to be happy, so if I get grouchy or snap about something, I feel pretty guilty about it.  My jaw has also been incredibly tense all day.  I'm angry about dealing with the pain now.  Not sad or disappointed.  Just angry.  I want it to go away.

There was one snafu today.  The hotel where we're staying was supposed to have two rooms for us, but they only had one, so Michael's parents are staying elsewhere.  No late night car rides for Maeryn...  so far so good - we gave her a bath and she's lying down next to Jonah in the other queen sized bed.  Somehow we got the handicapped accessible room.  It's a pretty sweet deal - it's HUGE!

I'm a little sorry that Michael's mom and dad ended up having to stay elsewhere.  I feel badly that they're having to do that, but I think it's for the best for everyone in the long run - and I hope that they feel the same.

I, for one, am mostly happy that I get to sit in bed in my underwear and update my blogs.

I'm  stoked for tomorrow for several reasons.

It is my seventh anniversary with Michael  :-)  and we are going out to breakfast together while his parents watch the kids.  We're walking over to the nearby Cracker Barrell - just the two of us.  We've also just got an eight hour day in the van ahead of us before we make it to Denver.  Everybody keeps telling me I need to "see the 'real' mountains" - as a girl who grew up in the Appalachians, I'm curious to see just what they mean.

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Happy Anniversary! :)

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