Sunday, June 27, 2010

Denver: Day 1

Last day of driving today and we are finally in Denver.  Today dragged in the van, but I admit I really enjoyed the long drive through Kansas.

I was told by several people before we left that Kansas would be horrible and boring and it would just be corn fields and blah blah blah - but I really LIKED the scenery in Kansas.  I even started taking pictures out the window of the van.

I learned a lot - there are lots of railroads through the farmlands to pick up the grains and whatnot.  This surprised me.  Not sure why - I guess I should've figured there would have to be some sort of transportation for crops and whatnot, but I never thought about the train tracks that would be around the plains.

There were also oil wells - another surprise - hadn't thought about that before when I pictured the landscape.

Some things were as I imagined they would be - the amber waves of grain and whatnot - but they weren't boring and the color of goldenrod - they were all their own lovely hue, and I honestly couldn't wait for the next wheat field to appear.

We did have some trouble finding convenient places to stop for restrooms breaks and food - things are few and far between in Kansas on the interstate, but we managed, and eventually we crossed into Colorado.

We stopped at a little "one horse town" at the grocery store for a bathroom break and for Jonah to update himself on his map (he took an atlas of the United States along to keep track of our progress),

a Subway (two Subways, actually), got to see a great thunderstorm (from a distance), and got our first view of the Rockies.

And we are.

The kids are already making a splash.


Unknown said...

Welcome to Colorado! We are just north of Denver...hope you have a wonderful time!

Missy said...

Thanks so much! We are currently in Lakewood.

sweet&broken said...

Oh missy i LOVE your pics. I too am surprised by EVERYTHING you said you saw...I guess growing up in our lovely worn appalachians, I assumed it would also be flat green and tan stuff (except for Dorothy's house and the wicked witch)! The Rocky Mts. really freaked me out the first time I saw different from ours. Hope you guys have an AWESOME time!

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