Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Denver: Day 2

Since I am writing this post on Day 3, I must admit that Day 2 seems like about a year ago in my memory.  I'm also super tired, so bear with me as I struggle to squeeze yesterday from my not-so-fully-functioning brain.

Yesterday morning we got up, and after MUCH adieu, we headed out for a 15 mile bike ride into downtown Denver.  We took a system of trails all the way to an REI so we could take a look around.  The ride was fun, minus a trailer accident that gave the boys (Jonah and cousin, Jeremiah) a bit of a shake-up and some nasty scrapes and my flat tire - oh, and several water bottle losses and retrievals... oh, and I ran over a squirrel...it survived...  It was cool to check out the trail system, the prairie dogs (that run all over and back and forth to and from their holes), and the parks along the way.

We made a stop at Confluence Park and the boys got to wade in the water (Maeryn stayed at home with Grandma and checked out the local playground scene).  I really liked the fact that streams and rivers ran right into the city center.

I understand that this happens in other cities, but the water is often hidden somehow or beneath large concrete barriers to prevent flooding.  This particular body of moving water is a part of the landscaping in Denver, not something that is to be hidden or a pit for waste or a hub for graffiti artists - around it they've made parks for kids to splash, they've set up a traffic system for kayakers so they can route right into the city if they have access to the river, etc.  I think this is awesome.  I approve.  As though it were remotely my place to do so...

The afternoon was relatively lazy - we grabbed lunches and hung out while the kids vegged or napped.  I started reading The Story of Stuff, which I highly recommend, as anti-capitalistic as it may be...  and as evening came we headed out to Lookout Mountain to well...look out.

The evening ended with a trip to Golden  where we were treated to ice cream by my mother in-law.  I had chocolate chip and it was everything I thought it could be.

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Anonymous said...

You would like the Truckee River in Reno,NV, too.

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