Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Safe Meat?

I hate researching food.  I always leave upset and disappointed and shocked and a whole myriad of other negative feelings.  As a family, we feel we're pretty food conscious.  Then we find out we've been misguided about something, and changes have to be made - and sometimes I just wish I didn't know...

We thought we were being extremely careful about the meat we purchased for our kids.  Michael and I are pescetarians who eat fish about once a week.  Our kids ate a lot of turkey. 

And then we found out that turkey contains a crazy amount of artificial hormones.  For some of you, this is a no-brainer and you already knew and are appalled that we didn't.  For others, maybe this isn't something that matters much to you or something you've really considered.  For us, the idea of fake hormones influencing our kids' development is disgusting, especially when it comes from the meat we purchase at the grocery store and keep in our fridge. 

How wonderful to be in a place like Asheville at a time like this.

We had our pick of a multitude of organic, local, healthful co-ops.  And we took advantage.  Making some of our purchases at a mainstream store, we saved our fresh foods purchases for the more expensive store, and were rewarded with our choice of hormone and antibiotic free meat.  We bought some shrimp for a stir-fry, some hamburger for tacos (also organic and grass fed), and some hormone free lunch meat.  Maeryn grabbed a toothpick from a free sample area and pocketed it for later.  She then took advantage of the new lunch meat and her toothpick and made herself a snack.  Hormone free.

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