Monday, October 21, 2013

The Heartbeat of Asheville

It was Friday, and we were scouring the internet for something to do.  There were so many things available for free and so easily that it was difficult to choose.  We worked to narrow down our choices, but as dinner simmered on the stove, we still had no clue about our night life.  I didn't want to stay in - I wanted to explore more of the city!

And then there was a knock at the door.

This isn't normal in campgrounds.

Not unless something is wrong.

Maeryn had been outside playing with LEGOs... I had only looked away to stir the potatoes...

But there was nothing to worry about.  It was a mom and her five year old daughter and they were on their bikes.  Mom introduced herself as "Steph" and said her daughter's name was Maya but she was currently going by "Vanessa".  They just wanted to say hi.  They lived in the van a few spots down.  She was a single mom and they had just finished a journey like ours.  They had chosen Asheville as a place to settle.  I was noticing a trend.

We talked for almost an hour as dinner cooled on the burner.  It was worth it.

"Hey if you guys aren't busy tonight you should come to the drum circle!"

"Drum circle?"

"Yeah, it's downtown tonight, just off College [Street]."

"When does it start?"

"Now!  But we haven't eaten yet so we'll be late.  Here, let's exchange numbers and you can text me if you decide to go!"

I handed my phone to Steph, friend for one hour, and she entered her number and headed back to her van with Vanessa.  I talked to the fam and we scarfed dinner.  We were absolutely positively going to the drum circle.

It was dark and tough to get a great shot - but I think you can get the idea.

The old, the young, the black, the white, the rich, and the poor were all here and drumming, dancing, shouting, and playing together.

The kids, and there were many, danced, hooped, and spun Poi - provided by the amazing Poi Artist who came equipped with her own stuff and a basket full for any kids who might show up.

Michael shot a couple of videos - again, the picture isn't great, but the sound is pretty accurate:

After we noticed Maeryn getting tired and approaching the point of no return, we headed toward the car.  On the way we encountered two living statues.  The kids loved interacting with the artists.  The Man in White came to life and played a tune on his guitar when someone put a tip in his bucket and the Silver Lady awoke to gift the tipper with a piece of butterscotch candy from her basket before adjusting her dress and hat and coming back into tableau.  Maeryn couldn't wait to try statue-ing for herself.

And Asheville... you're growing on me... in spite of myself.

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