Friday, November 29, 2013

Battling Depression

When we first drove into town we promised the kids we would go to Friendly's before we left.

Friendly's is one of our family's favorite restaurants.  There is something a little bit special for everyone - and it's not fast food.

Also - I had been hit with a wave of depression.  I'm not sure why.  I was diagnosed with clinical depression in college, and it's something that is normally seasonal - but other times it comes and goes.  I woke up in a grey cloud, and couldn't seem to shake it.  It was important for me to get out.

It was obvious that in the height of summer Friendly's is packed here.  There is a concierge station and a hostess station before you can get to the restaurant.  We walked right in and found a seat.  There were five other families there.  

We were hoping to check out the local aquarium afterward.  The website said it was open until 10 PM.  

The waitress was fun and kind and the kids were amazing: polite, well-mannered - generally wonderful company for dinner.  We talked and laughed and played games on our cell phones together.  It was one of those nights where I was so thankful to be their mom - so thankful to be in this family.  So thankful for this life.  So glad to have a husband who gets it when it comes to mental illness.  

I felt so much better after dinner - I think we all did.

When we pulled into the aquarium parking lot and went to purchase our tickets the young woman behind the counter said they were actually closing early, even though the website said 10 PM.  In fact, they were closing in two minutes.  

I expected everyone to be down about it...  but we weren't.  We were still skipping and holding hands and happy.  It was truly a miracle.  Sometimes it's enough just to be alive.

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