Monday, December 2, 2013

Our Budding Engineer

Last night we traveled.  We stayed in a make-shift RV village at a Walmart in Savannah, GA.  We pulled in around 2AM.

In the morning we got up, grabbed McDonalds breakfast (I can't help it.  I still love me some McDonalds breakfast) and hit the road again.  Moving South.

We decided where to stay over our McDonalds and found a campground under our budget near Michael's aunt and uncle, who we hoped to visit during our time in Georgia (we didn't plan to stay there long).  When we pulled in, the kids were bored and we were tired, so I suggested that they take apart Maeryn's old computer (she recently got a new one).  Michael, Maeryn, and Jonah all thoroughly enjoyed the destruction process - and learned a ton about electronics and how they work.  Both kids wielded screwdrivers and with Michael's direction, completed disassembled the computer. 

The next day, Maeryn wanted more.

And we just happened to have Jonah's old netbook lying around.

Michael brought out the screwdriver set along with his wire cutters and told her to go at it.

And she did.

Our little engineer gutted the entire computer in an hour, while explaining what each part did and how each connection functioned and I looked on in awe. 

"Here's the motherboard, Mom!"


"This has some lines around it so I'm sure I'll be able to get it out with the flathead screwdriver."

"See - this is how the keys on the keyboard work!"


"This is a scissor connection - there is also one under the space bar!"

She kept the parts in some tupperware containers in her room. 

"I need them for an art project later."


Mom said...

How about that Maeryn????!!!

Alex Murdoch said...

i have a computer that looks just like that, can I send you the parts and have Maeryn put it back together?

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