Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hiking the Shaker Village

Anybody know what this is?

The above fruits (?) littered the ground along the trail and came from this tree.

The Shaker Village is just outside of Wilmore, KY and spans many miles and much acreage.  When I Googled good hikes in the area this is the place I found.  We picked a hike that was relatively short, since we were going after Michael finished work, and we wouldn't have a lot of daylight.

The trail began on a road like this one.

We crossed the water.

About 3/4ths of the way into the hike we found this waterfall, which used to run a Shaker Mill. 

The kids wanted to get a little closer.

And they did.
After finding the mill we realized we were almost out of daylight.  We started back toward the trailhead but the signs were confusing.  They didn't seem to coordinate with the trail map we found online.  We weren't sure what to follow.  Darkness was falling and everyone felt a little scared.  Michael finally followed a hunch that eventually led to the end of the trail and back to the parking lot. 

We've got to stop starting our hikes so close to nightfall.  More Saturday hikes?  We always hate to go without Michael.

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