Thursday, November 7, 2013

Waiting for the Mail

We weren't planning on staying in Kentucky for quite as long as we did.  We had this little problem with the mail.  See we have an amazing "mail delivery service" that always sends us our stuff after we send our current address.  This time... something seemed to be wrong.  The mail was sent a week ago... but still hadn't arrived at the Harrodsburg Post Office.  We checked, called, checked, and called - but no luck.  We decided we'd stay until the end of the week - just waiting on the mail - and if it didn't come, then we would move on by Friday, and have it forwarded to our next location.

In the meantime, we'd seen what we wanted to see in the area, and we were doing a lot of hanging out.  We did a RedBox run.  The kids played new games...  we experienced the sadness and loss accompanying the office shutting down the WiFi for repairs.  And I did a lot of reading.  And baking!

I tried my hand at apple crisp for the first time. 

It came out pretty good.

I also made banana muffins and banana bread and wrote journal entries and drew pictures!  All things I hadn't felt much like doing in quite some time. 

So here we are, in a little Podunk campground in Danville, Kentucky, surrounded by nothing but woods and run down buildings and parking lots, and we're all finding a little more of ourselves - and eating really well in the process.

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