Friday, November 1, 2013

In Which We are Uninvited Guests

Above is a picture of our friends Dale and Jennifer.  Michael took their engagement photos.  They are members of our home church, and Dale is a former student of Michael's and mine.  Dale is also currently a seminary student at Asbury University, and we just happened to be around Asbury while we spent time in Kentucky.  We also just so happened to have been invited to their wedding, but due to the trip, unable to attend.  We also just so happened to have their wedding gift and card lying around.  So...  since we had their address...  we figured we'd just drop by.

Our visit was obviously a surprise.  These poor newlyweds were really just trying to get out the door for some Brusters when their doorbell rang and our entire family said hello from the doorstep.

We ended up chatting for a couple of hours and deciding for meet for dinner later in the week.

It was comforting to have dinner with people we knew well, people from our original home base.  People who knew us too.  We played some cards and ate some awesome burritos and learned that rubbing your eyes after chopping jalapenos is bad.

Oh!  And Maeryn lost her first tooth!

She tried to go to sleep at Dale and Jennifer's, but thoughts of the Tooth Fairy were far too exciting.

Back at the bus, the tooth went under the pillow and of course the Tooth Fairy delivered on her centuries old promise.

Her second tooth was lost just days later, and the Tooth Fairy was required to visit again.

She didn't mind.

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