Friday, November 8, 2013

Silliness Ensues.

I took Maeryn with me on a run to RedBox and to see if we could find some s'more materials at the local CVS.  No luck on the s'mores, and we ended up getting a movie Jonah had already seen... BUT... we found Dum Dum Lollypops - and they were a huge hit.  The bag of something like 100 pops lasted us about three days...  there may have been some double fisting of lollypops... and possibly contests to see who could suck on the most lollypops at one time...  but there were no witnesses, and I plead the fifth.

Meanwhile, Jonah was outside using Michael's hand saw and drill to make a project.  We weren't quite sure what he was working on until he came inside for a little help with the final drilling.

It really doesn't get much better than wooden swords.

Imaginative play with these suckers lasted for hours.  Ninja training, knight training, training with "tree dummies", cleaning of the swords, trading of the swords, sword tournaments (I lost, sadly), and video-ing the fierce battles.  All this and more - with lollypops in abundance - lasted us quite a few Danville Days.

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