Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Early Christmas Time

Those package were just sitting there.

Staring at me.

Michael was unaffected.  He would wait forever if necessary.

But I thought...what's the harm in opening packages from just one of the grandparents early. 

Michael caved.

And we had Christmas from my parents earlier than actual Christmas.

It was so worth it.

A sort of constant feeling of homesickness melted away as we opened our Hallmark ornaments and scads of gift cards courtesy of my parents. 

Maeryn got a puppy "just like she wanted".

Jonah was dazzled by his remote control car.

We went out and spent my Panera gift card pretty much immediately.

I didn't mind.

While we were out we also got each kid a pair of new pajamas...

I'm not really sure what happened here.

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