Thursday, January 16, 2014

Playground Day

Maeryn was having trouble.

She wanted a house.

She wanted to live in this house.

She wanted to live with Aunt Lor.

She wanted to live with her friends in Canada.

She wanted... stability.

We hadn't had a whole lot of it lately.

Not only were we moving from place to place rather quickly, we had stopped adhering to our bedtime routines and everything seemed a little bit haphazard.

So Michael and I put our heads together and made a schedule we could stick to as a family.  For Maeryn.  For all of us, really.  A schedule where every day would have a constant thing.  Something she could expect and count on for that day, every single week.  Every single location.  Every single time.

Sunday:  church - we hadn't been doing church regularly.  It was sometimes scary to find a church we were confident about going to - but we decided for Maeryn's sake we needed to make the effort and just do it.

Monday - chill day - a day to relax and watch movies and catch up on sleep and just chill.

Tuesday - playground day - no matter where we were, we would find a playground and experience it.

Wednesday - date night - one on one time with parents and kids.

Thursday - adventure day - I would take them out during the day to somewhere new and exciting even though Michael was busy at work.

Friday - pizza and movie night

Saturday - pancake breakfast (hopefully with blueberries)

So today was playground day, and I wasn't about to screw this up the first week, so I searched the interwebs and found one within thirty minutes, and even though it was a tad bit chilly, we headed out into the wilds.

We had a fun time:

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