Wednesday, February 5, 2014

City of Rocks

During Maeryn's prolonged illness, we were fooled many times into thinking that she was well.

In the morning, she always seemed fine.  All day she would play and chat and behave normally... only to fall back into dreaded sickness every night. 

Today was one of those days where we thought, "She must be well!"

And we went off to City of Rocks State Park.

Such a neat place.

I'd like to camp there in a tent someday.  The sites are scattered among the City like tiny oasis in a vast desert - using rocks as roof-lines, overhangs as added shelters. 

This is Maeryn howling like a wolf on the rocks.  Totally sick, right???

After an hour or so of scrambling up and down rock faces and ducking into caves, Maeryn declared she needed to go potty.  I took her to the visitor's center and waited.  And waited.  And texted Michael to tell him, "Maeryn's sick again, we need to go home." 

So we did.  Piled into the car. Maeryn snuggled Lovey.  Her face was pale.  She was quiet.  Another night.  Me trying not to worry.

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