Thursday, February 6, 2014

De-toxifying Billy

We thought these warnings on the washers were a little dramatic

After visiting the doctor and getting testing for Maeryn and realizing that we really weren't kicking this thing, we settled down in Silver City to wait for test results and get the bus clean.

We did laundry and cleaned the thing from top to bottom.  We opened all of the windows and aired things out.  We cleaned the bathroom.  It was quite a day.

I kept hoping test results would come back quickly.  They said they'd rush them since Maeryn was so young.  We waited 48, then 72 hours.

There was praying and buying of tons of healthy foods and putting iron drops in Maeryn's oatmeal.

Lots of just... waiting.

One day I went into the city by myself.  It was lovely.  I met a lot of people - the barista at the coffeeshop who just moved here from Alaska, the microbiologist who owned a ranch and sold her meats at the local butcher shop with all grass feds and organics, the artists'' guild that met at the same shop, the book seller who admired my selections (I got a second printing of Walden and an early edition of Sherlock Holmes (all the short stories) with original drawings)) and talked to me about Utah and hiking and the Australian Open.  I bought some good meats for the kids and some good coffee for me and I found this amazing store that sold Mexican artwork.  I decided I'd take the fam there as soon as Maeryn was feeling better.

Soon, right?

At least the bus is clean.

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