Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Grandest of Canyons

While Billy was parked in Vegas, we took advantage of some day tripping opportunities. 

The first was The Grand Canyon.

We had always planned to go there, but we thought we would double back on the way back east closer to the end of our trip.  After much discussion, we decided that this would be the better option and would save us some time - something that was becoming more and more important to our family (traveling is tiring, and we are all ready to settle down, though not willing to stop the journey just yet) daily.

We checked out the visitor's center first, taking the time to view the film (there are films at almost all of the national parks) and browse in the gift shop. 

As Maeryn watched, she gasped, falling in love with the colors of the canyon.  She asked to go back to the car to get her sketch-book before we viewed the actual canyon.

She started sketching even before we arrived.

It was a short walk to the overlook we'd chosen.

I wasn't expecting much - I'd seen a clip from a popular sit-com where the character asked "How long are we obligated to look at this" a few days earlier.  How great could it be?  

 Jonah and Michael ran ahead, while Maeryn and I lagged behind so she could keep drawing.  She wanted to capture everything.  I couldn't blame her, especially as I snapped photo after photo with my camera phone.

The Canyon is truly Grand.

The distance to the bottom...  incredible.

The feeling standing and looking down over the reds, pinks, greens, and yellows?  Indescribable.

We all took a little more than "ten minutes".

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