Friday, April 4, 2014

Beneath the Giants

This was truly the most spiritual place we've encountered. 

When it comes to bucket lists, I had one for this trip.  And when it comes to the bucket list for this trip, seeing The Redwood Forest was at the top of it.  Above snorkeling and Maine and hiking in Vermont and Petroglyphs, The Redwood Forest was king.

It was a deserving placement.

As soon as we got to the park and out of the car it was obvious we had entered another world or even another dimension.  We were suddenly miniature, and everything around us luscious, towering, and green.  Things grow bigger.  The air feels deeper, more saturate.  The colors are bright, the shadows black.  The ancient history palpable.

It's hard to understand scale when there isn't a person or other familiar object in the picture.

That's me doing some literal "tree hugging".

The world is more magnificent than we imagine.

I have encountered more beauty and wonder on this trip than I can express.


So many of you readers say, "I wish I could" or "I could never..." or "You're so lucky.  I'm jealous."  

We are lucky.

Extremely lucky and blessed and warmed by both of those things.

But I implore you...


If there is something you want to see...

Somewhere you want to go...

DO that thing.  GO that place.

Maybe something is holding you back.

 Maybe it's money.




Those are all real things.

But your life is real too.

And you only get one.

It's about what you are willing to give.  Are you willing to save for a few years?  Are you willing to put money away or get a different job or move to a smaller place?

Are you willing to change the way you look at the way the world works?

Are you willing to sell everything and move into an old bus for awhile?

Because there are no negative answers aside from the ones that you offer.

The way we're doing our trip can't work for everyone.  We are all different people and we are all living under different circumstances.  Sometimes the answer is later.  Sometimes the answer is wait or work harder or in a few years...  but don't let the answer be "never".  "I'll never be able to do that."  If you really want something, you can make it happen.

Anything is possible.

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Alex Murdoch said...

Some people find it hard to understand how a tree, or a plant, or a bird could have such an emotional impact on a person. I get it, Jody gets it, our kids get it. Some things just take your breath away.

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