Friday, August 16, 2013

Albany: Big Brother is Watching

We rolled into the Alps Family Campground after hours and pulled into what we felt was an awkward spot in the middle of the road.

When we woke the next morning, we realized that we had hit the campground jackpot, with a pull through spot between the playground, camp store, and swimming pool.

Alps comes in a close second to Presque Isle Passage, which is tough to do.  It is a family run campground (as assumed in the name) and has an amazing little camp store with tons of great snacks, games, and toys + a little area to eat and play shelves packed with board games.  There is also a great playground culture, which is important to our kids - the kids roamed freely and the playground was semi-crowded every evening.

While we liked the campground, we weren't completely keen on Albany, which was the object of this particular stopping place.

It took awhile to find the center of the city, and even after we did, we weren't sure what any fuss might be about (do people make a fuss about Albany?).

We even grabbed lunch at a local place and the waiter let us know there was pretty much nothing to do...  so there we were.

The other thing about Albany is - there are these...governmental buildings.

And they are creeepy.

The sky is pretty, but don't the buildings feel ominous?

That tall one towers over the entire city, and I could feel the eyes on me everywhere...  seriously.

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